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Room Additions From Local Orange County, CA, General Contractors.

Room Additions In Orange County

Looking to turn your home into your dream house? Get that little bit closer to your vision with a room addition from Orange County’s Cornelius Construction. We provide room addition and home improvement services to an exceptional standard. Get in touch today and see what we can add to your home.

Our Room Addition Services

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Room Addition Services

Laying Foundations

Every new or extended room requires foundations in some capacity. For ground floor builds, this will likely require installing concrete footings and a crawlspace. Otherwise, additional structural beams may need to be put in place for additions above the ground floor.


With a new or extended room comes the need for additional framing and drywall, or else you’re left with an unfinished appearance. We can provide these services to ensure a well-designed room addition.

Room Addition- Electrical and Plumbing
Electrical & Plumbing Work

Depending on the type of room addition you require and its location in relation to already installed amenities, you may need electrical and plumbing services. This is undoubtedly true when adding or extending a bathroom, en suite, or otherwise.


Once your room addition is complete, it’ll need to be decorated. You could do this yourself, or, to save time, let us put our professional decorating skills to use, leaving you with an excellent finish.

Room Addition- Windows and Doors
Windows & Doors

It might seem obvious, but considering the position of your room’s windows and doors is crucial to a successful room addition. Windows must be positioned correctly to make the best use of natural light while retaining privacy.

Room Addition- Roofing

If your room edition requires us to construct an altogether new and/or external room, our roofing service will be needed. We use high-quality materials to ensure that your room is protected from the elements.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. To extend an existing building, you will need a permit.
    This depends on the size of your project. Though, generally speaking, you should expect works for at least one month.
    Yes. If this is something you’re interested in, we can discuss your construction options.
    Yes. Increasing the size and capacity of your property will almost definitely increase its value.

    This depends on the size and
    requirements of your additional
    room. For example, a new room
    with plumbing and electric will
    cost more than one with just electricity.