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Construction Services From Local Orange County, CA, General Contractors.

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Cornelius Construction is licensed to provide General Contracting services in the Orange County and greater Californian area, though we typically focus on the former. We are local to the county and pride ourselves on offering quality workmanship to all our clients. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our local services.

Responsibilities of a General Contractor

As general contractors, we oversee the successful completion of your construction project. This means appropriately distributing laborers and material resources to ensure a first-rate build.

CC - Project Site Management
Project & Site Management
CC - Securing Material Supplies
Securing Material Supplies
CC - Providing Clear Construction Plans
Providing Clear Construction Plans
CC - Construction Work
Construction Work

What To Expect From Our Orange County Team

Expert Project Managers
Expert Project Managers
Quality Workmanship
Quality Workmanship
Quality Materials
Quality Materials

Remodelling Services We Offer

New Construction

New Construction

In need of a new structure? Perhaps an office separate from your main house or an extension of your kitchen? At Cornelius Construction, we can offer professional handling of small-scale construction projects built with care, attention, and high-grade resources.


There comes a time in any house when it’s time for a change. Maybe this simply meets a fresh lick of paint. But you might also require new fittings, fixtures, and an updated home layout. We offer room addition and remodeling services to help update your home’s look.

Facility Maintenance

Plumbing and electrical fixtures see more than their fair share of action during residency, requiring regular maintenance to ensure correct function. When installing such amenities, we ensure they are implemented for longevity and can offer maintenance service where necessary.

Residential Construction

Pending permits, at Cornelius Construction, we offer small-scale residential construction. This includes room additions, custom builds, and remodeling services. With our supply of high-quality, professional-grade construction materials, you can rest assured that your residential construction project is in expert hands.

Residential Construction

The Three Stages of Construction

Three Stages- Discussion

1. Discussion

All construction projects start with an in-depth discussion about your requirements. This is where we start to build a picture of the work involved and can begin making considerations for the planning process. Our discussion is an opportunity for you to ask us any questions about our services and for us to present which of our expertise is best for your build.

2. Planning

The next stage is planning. Here, we pool our resources and distribute them according to your project’s needs. During this part of the process, we identify areas that require special attention, such as electrical and plumbing work. Then, we make considerations as necessary and offer our plans to you for approval.

3. Construction

Once you approve our proposed construction plans, the building work begins. As we work, we keep you informed about our progress and continue to answer your questions and address any of your concerns. We aim to bring the project to completion by an earlier agreed-upon timeframe usually agreed in the planning process.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    General Contractors are responsible for the management, organization, and execution of a construction project.
    If you have a construction project and the proper budget, there is no wrong time to hire a  General Contractor.
    Pending permits, if this is necessary for the  completion of the project, yes.
    Though we at Cornelius Construction may offer options to build small dwellings and structures, this greatly depends on the scale of your build.
    This depends on their skill sets and access to resources. At Cornelius Construction, we’re able to provide plumbing work. Other General Contractors may not be able to do so.